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About This Page

Computing Essentials 2008 is the companion Web site for the Computing Essentials 2008 textbook. This site contains animations of key concepts, videos relating to current information technology issues, and in-depth coverage of select topics. computing icons are located in the margins throughout the book to alert students that expanded coverage of the material in the text can be found on this site.

To begin, enter a keyword from the textbook into the KEYWORD blank to the left, or select an item from the menu to the left. You can use this menu throughout the site to navigate between features.

Online Learning Center

The Online Learning Center for Computing Essentials 2008 contains end-of-chapter exercises, self-grading quizzes, Internet exercises as well as the instructor resources including Instructor’s Manual, PowerPoint Presentations, ExamView® Pro test bank software with test questions, and G4TechTV video clips.